Wisdome teeth stiches removes and cancellation braces + AR spark hub problem

 As you read the title. I got the stiches removed and wanted to make an official article about it for my readers. Yet I have been face with another new problem my dentist haven't give me any news for the braces. I am now suffer from really bad mood.

I wanted to update my AR filter effect with 2 D text, just wated to add some music on it but it seems like the AR don't allow any kind of 2D effect and I am feeling very peckcek about it. I don't know what else Ineed to do right now. I wanted to make some creative efe=fect but seems like even I so doubtful to start toucing AR spark again.

I am so lazy to see the rejection notifications. They rejected my updated and when I try to submit new one, I just can't.

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