Whole braces

 Yeaayy.. finally put on whole braces. So happy but the mouth ulcer just continue. Now on the right side. It’s vertical hyge mouth ulcer in white color. Ugh! Been drinking CD for 3 days but it is so slow to heal since it’s really big. I always bite my left cheek when during 1st and 2nd day.

Guess! Now my teeth is moving in the right direction, so the bitting stop. And I can see that ulcer is also shrinking.

Braces, mouth ulcer and period - complete torture. My upper lips starting to pop already and also my teeth is almost align. Guess! It is 1 year! Hopefully. I cannot wait my teeth to get all straightened and I can take selfie again.

I can feel that my confidence is starting to show up now. I also wanted to slim down this weight been so chubby for 3 years already. I need to change it and then get a bf. Yeaay... hahaha...

I need to fix my life for sure. I feel that this is the right moment to do it. COVID-19 won’t take me down. I think the lockdown does me well by putting myself in ‘a rest’ for a while when I feel so restless facing people in all corner.

From work interview, my digital job. I feel like I don’t have time for my ownself but now I do. I need to take everything slowly.

Not posting too much and just do some update when I wanted to. Not doing anything under pressure. I need to  work on giving myself a time. I also need to find job too when lockdown is over and the restrictions is lifted.

Now I can only dream a dream of a good husband. Hahaha...

NOVOLAND: Castle in the sky season 2 makes my life better. This chinese tv drama is so funny. It’s look like RPG mixed with chinese culture. Love the series.

I miss watching eternal love of dream. I think I am going to just rewatch the series too! Somehow it makes me wanted a romantic chinese husband, for sure! Hahaha...

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