Hi! How are ya?

 Oh hi there! it's been such a longtime since I last post on this blog. I miss you guys so muchhh! There are lots of things happening after my wisdom teeth extraction. I have to endure eating with my front teeth and use my saliva to makes the food a little bit smooth. Not just that, I suffer from food stuck because I cannot chew the food.

Then I got into argument with my dad because he misunderstanding me about maid problem. I've told you before that I got 1 of my aunty who come to stay with us, even thou she know that we are in the midst of financial difficulty. Then I am sad and cry a river within a day, because my dad shout at me and yell at me, for o reason but I did apologies even thou, I am not the one who is wrong but big girls gotta be a big girl.

Sometimes, you have to apologies for your own action not because it is wrong but because it is right and the other party doesn't appreciate you much. My dad has beena toxic person in our family. He like to spread terror because of money and always like to defense wring person even deep inside he know that this person are guilty and make mistake.

It's happened when my 2 maid left our house. They lied to my mom. The old maid wanted to left this house lngtime ago and she is one of the REAL TOXIC and manipulative character. I dislike her so does my dad and aunt. You know! not all toxic people like each other! yep!

Then my dad thought that I defense this maid, well! I am not. Here the misunderstanding start:

Early in the morning, I wakeup and tell my dad that

"If the new maid come and then left again, it is your sister fault"

Since she not allow the 2 maid to watch their tv series. The maid got schedule to watch tv from 7 pm to 9 om. I cannot imagine if I work and not allowed to take a break such as watching TV. I too need entertainment.

So, my dad got all defensive and yell at me that it is not her sister fault. He already want this maid to be gone from our house longtime ago but my mom keep on defending her.


You get that right! My om has been living with my dad for decades, and she has been living with toxic people throughout her life. From her own family to her husband family. From one toxic family to other toxic family, so she imunne to that situation and keep feeding herself with poison. My dad should not be so surprised since he like to terrorise and feed her wife with poison.

Why won't he surprised if my mom defend a toxic maid?! Yep! I am too clueless.

He is also double standard, most of my dad family is double standard. They bully and speakbadly about another person to makes other feel good. It is TOXIC, yep! a toxic activity. They keep on doing that because it is the easiest way to make other happy without having to help them in need since most of us will react so defensive when others defense someone that we dislike.

Apparantely, I am not in the position of admitting that I AM NOT TOXIC. I am probably toxic too!

Then I finally successfully makes the maid NOT COMING BACK from our house, yeaay! I don't like her.

She is very manipulative, liar and always do gaslighting to my mom. She like to attract drama. She loves when the family having the beef. She like to do some nasty stuff so that the family again having a drama.

I remember about the detergen part and the when she always report to my mom about my aunt. I and my 2 other siblings have beef with my aunt, we don't like her certain behaviour which is being an elder bully. She also have beef with me, particularly but I dislike when other got their hands into my business. Yep! I am alone, for sure. I took care my own stuff.

So, after that night. I found how to resolve all the issues at once. Then it is all finished but then we are facing with other situation.

One of my dad sister husband is gone for good. We are there when the situation is complicated but I cannot tell you more since I respect the person, and I have high empathy feeling towards the family too. They have never been in bad terms with my family. I hope NOt in the near future too.

I cannot imagine if I lost my toxic dad, maybe you say it is good. But, I will need to face with lots of toxic people then. There are lots of people who will come and attack our family. We haven't even move forward since the COVID-19 sitaution.

Ugh! this virus is getting worst and worst.

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