Braces wire, my aunty husband dead and my sister dream

I feel that my braces wire is loose yet When I see it doesn't feel loose at all yet I do feel the left side wire touching my inner cheek. It's quite hurt but the dentist said our meeting will be next week. So now I am thinking if I need to contact him on this saturday or ....?

Yet, I do feel that the teeth is aligh already and it is better to get it tighten and cut the wire as soon as possible.

In recent days, things has happened since last week. My good aunty lost her husband. At first it was just a panic sound from my 8th aunty and then followed by my dad asked my brother to accompany her to go to my 4th aunty house to look over her husband then calling ambulance to her house then... it is all happened pretty fast. He left the world.

Before that 2 days ago, my dad still helping him massage since he feel tired. Not knowing anything then we left the house yet.

Then another stuff is when my sister dreaming of my great grand mom from my mother side, with my aunt (my mom sister) and her daughter (my cousin) together so we go pray for them today. My mom was rushing to buy all the mian bao and fruit just for this.

The last problem is our mandarin is not that good since we have to go to the temple to read the Shen Wei (the tablet) since it is written in mandarin and I can only read few words but thanks to the internet. My dad still avalable to help us.

The rest is trying to eat baso and then spend some time sitting like couch potato in my downstair family sofa.

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