Have you ever be so afraid to lose someone? I am. Because I been in that situation of losing someone that is dearly to me. I have been ignored, blocked on text too. I know how that even feels. Sometimes I feel that I make my life less easier and


'why do I have to go through this kind of life?'

"Why can't I be like those other ordinary girl? who have their boyfriend since university and then get married?"

 Oh! I forget. I like life challenge when I was 25 years old. Seeking different ways for living. Always go on adventure and explore many option and I am hesitating to tell him what I feel because I know deep down that we can't be together.

Even if now I am afraid that nobody put their attention and care to me. I will still be alive. There will be a point in my life where I think everything is good. It is well and it is ok.

I forget how nice is this to have my own moment and life together. How exciting to fall in love with the right person. How exciting to enter a new school and live in other country. All of those experience.


I wanted to feel that once again. Now, I know why I am leading life like this xx








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