My life makes fun of me

How you guys been doing? really sorry this blog has no update at all since I often update on - using Tumblr and Twitter is convenient for me to update most of what I am busy of...

I have been so nervous and waiting to install my braces, I have been waiting this for all of my life but seems like my life always makes a joke of me, I suffer from toothache when it is just left 48 hours to set up my braces. I went to the dentist twice to figure out what's happening to my tooth yet the first dentist thought that it is because of the leftover food in my teeth while the 2nd dentist figured out that it is because of my wisdom teeth. I know I have to get it fixed since it will hinder my braces. The teeth will grow and if I had put on the braces it will make me even suffer than before.

So right now I tried to make myself busier to not think about it because again my life makes fun of me. The dentist to do surgery for my teeth has to go for quarantine as he is waiting for the swab teste before performing the duties. The agony.

I am so frustrated as I need to get to work, I have client queue-ing for advert and I delayed it to next week since I thought I will be installing the braces and need 2-3 days to rest. I cannot even talk at that time. I also haven't applied for a job and now I don't know if I should just apply or wait again.

The only things that make me happy are when all my online shop items are delivered to me. All of the cute stuff, my iPhone case, and AirPods case, my home sandal that has egg on it, and all of that stuff. Then this Saturday I wanted to put GLIT in my hair yet the car light is broken so my dad asked the store staff to get it fixed. The car can only be ready in the afternoon time at 4:00 pm. And I don't know if it is really gonna be fixed at 4:00 pm.

So I tried to entertain my sad self, who cannot even make myself prettier at this time, and said to me: "it is okay! you will get that everything, just hang on. It won't go away lah! it is like your normal day"

I have been waiting to get my braces but now these teeth don't seem to want to cooperate. I have no ideas on why my life like this. It feels like everything cannot be as smooth. From my job, MG, lockdown, travel back to my hometown and now this teeth. It does seem like there are things that I cannot even get nicely. Like just get it lah!

I have to apologies to the dentist whom I wait for days to just get his reply and now this...

Also, I have to share rooms with my fussy aunt who has beef with me last time and I still didn't like her AT ALL. why is it so shitty. I am trying to just have a moment of myself. Trying to be alone and try to be patient.

I have lots of things I need to do next week while next week I have to pluck these teeth out. Thankfully my period comes today, so I don't need to suffer next week and could easily just take care of my wisdom teeth and my braces too! Guess, my life has run me out by giving a better future plan for me.

That's what I think.

If I were installing the braces today, and then realise that I have to pluck out my teeth, I will suffer twice the amount. Also, I am having my period, chances are the dentist won't want to pluck my teeth out, in the end, I have to wait till next week.

Then next week, if I pluck out after the family pray event. I will totally be fine then after that the next week is again the family pray event, I set up my braces after the event.

Then I have 4 months to apply for a job, since it will be September soon. I have 6 months until February after the Chinese new year to get a job. It is so fast but I don't think I will be here till February.

Guess, the only mistake I made is I plan everything and scared of everything when I should just run slowly with my life. It is not a sprint but a marathon. The best things I can do right now is


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