Melodramatic people

Have you caught yourself in the series of melodramatic people?

Because I did

Recently I complaining much about aunty who stay in Tangerang and now I am gonna complain much about another aunty who decided not to get married but like living like a parasite

Now I am gonna complain about aunty who share room with me. I got no idea why a woman who decided not to get married but still depend on the family whose already got their own family yet still bother their house one by one.

She like to ‘tumpang’ with my house, uncle and the aunty in tangerang. She uses our detergent, shampoo, conditioner, soap, food supply, bed, electricity, water, almost everything without even paying a penny for everything.

She got no husband. She don’t want to buy a house and stay there yet she decided to bother one by one.

She kind of awkward person whom cannot even accept people opinions about something.

For example, 2 days ago was really odd day. After she quarell because the opinion differences with my brother. She decided to eat my mom noodle that has ants on it and say to us

“I eat the one with ants on it and you guys eat the clean one”

I silent, my brother also silent. We don’t says anything much because we know she gonna start being ‘dramatic’ again.

Then.. my dad comes. He never heard about the conversation.

So I just told the whole family to be aware with her ‘drama’ behaviour.

You know I ever wrote about how women can be bitchy. One part is their being melodramatic. That’s is the sign that the woman could actually have the potentiality of being a bitch.


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