Long weekend

 This is the long weekend right now but I don't really know what I need to do except updating this blog and also creating my pink AR filter soon with purple blink. IDK if anyone gonna love that AR filter also another for Switzerland too!

My dad is sick and I am a bit worried yet my mom wanna go to her brother house, which is my uncle from my mom side house to learn to make chiffon cake. Despite anything, I guess I am gonna sticking around in this house. I didn't know why but today my aunt who shares a room with me got lots of things to talk between me and my mom. I wonder. Is this another significant change coming from her? Hmm...

It's been a long time since I write in this blog. I cannot wait to put my braces and also to pluck these teeth out. Why is it my lyfe has always been like this. Full of surprise. I wonder.

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