The week has been really rough with all of the dentist appointment and I haven't even able to apply for a job till yesterday.

I texted one of the dentists and he seems quite 'very busy and important person' among any dentist. He is not always available to open his own clinic at the hospital. Well, I know what you guys even think. You wanted to say "Then how he going to find any work? if he often not available?" apparently this is I assume is a marketing trick and it is working.

All of the people I asked told me that he is really good at his work and always has a long queue of patient waiting for him. I may not very well know about this doctor work background but if my fussy cousin even says that he is good, I think she really means it.

I am pretty sure I wanted to fix my teeth now. It does give me low self-confidence whenever I smile or talk. My teeth are not pretty at all. Some are taller than the others and then short. I always wish that I could get it fixed but since I have not had a steady income for a year so I postponed it, and now I am trying to figure out how to earn some income.

My mom told me that she wants to provide me with a budget but since our family has suffered financially, I figure that she might just say only not really mean it. Yet, I know that she wants her daughter to be pretty. I do want myself to be pretty and I wanted to have my own family and kids too.

The recent date doesn't provide me with this wish but I am grateful that I am no longer a hopeless romantic person like I used to be. Now, all I think is how to be able to afford, my own self. Not thinking too much about anything else. We all grow up.

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