Remind me again?! Why did I resign? Oh, yea! because my boss is not a good person and scolds people like an animal. I forget about that part. So, I am here dealing with all of these toxic people including loved ones. I cannot deny that my family is toxic, they feed on their toxic just so they feel better about their life.

I am going back to Indonesia and then here I have to share my room with my aunt who does like to be so dramatic over something. We have beef last time, and since then I dislike her that much even of she tries to just fix the relationship.

If you even care about me, you won't have to be that dramatic last time and pretending nothing happened the next morning. Even asked me to book grab for my cousin like I have to do it. The house is still under my dad name, I don't even care if they are not allowing me to stay there. If they did, it just shows what kind of human they are.


There I said it already. Then the other is my mom, I also cannot stand her accusation of everything. She loves to create a scene on her mind then apply to other people like we are that kind of person. That's so fucked up. I just cannot even understand why they have this kind of mind. Eww...

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