How is the airport?

Can you imagine that I have to prepare everything in a week? so I and my brother took SWAB test and book it online. Then we have to wait for the hotel staff to confirm that we can use their car and drive to take us to the hospital. It takes like 3 days for the confirmation but it is free.

It does test my patience. Then we go to the hospital only to know that the building is new and seems like the staff have yet to prepare on doing SWAB test because most people took the rapid test. since our hometown requires to take SWAB test therefore, we choose to take SWAB test even thou Tangerang Balikpapan to allow us to take just a rapid test.

Then we went to take all the test. I feel so at ease because I often imagine how painful it will be if those long cotton bud went inside my throat and to deep inside my nose. I just cannot stand and yes, I cannot stand when it goes inside my throat. I feel I want to vomit.

Then the next morning the test result comes out. So, we are started to panic and book the ticket. Fill the form. After everything, we decided to go back on Tuesday early morning at 4.45 am. I cannot sleep.

But I feel so at ease when the plane landed safely in Balikpapan. After all, I am a Kalimantan girl.

When arrived at the airport, I saw so many people also broad the flight to Balikpapan. They only take a rapid test. It is not as strict as what people told me probably because in this airport SIKM is not needed anymore but according to the LION AIR staff, the other airport is also not needed SIKM if you are about to fly outside Jakarta, but to fly inside Jakarta it is still needed and many people got rejected.

Then we arrive at our hometown airport. The staff ask to check the temperature, so we queue and then go inside the building, still need to queue for SWAB test. Then they take us to the old airport building to register for our particular. The total time it took is 1 hour probably more because lots of passengers but just a few of airport staff serve us.

Since I and my brother has already taken the SWAB test, so they let us go back home without asking us to do quarantine nor does asking us to take another test.

It feels so good having back to our home now.

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