Be more human

Let me tell you a story about a family of mine. I called her aunty. I have 7 aunty in total and her is the 6th. Last time I talk about my 7th aunty. Sometimes I just don't get it about them all.


It happened a long time recently, I think last year when our family struggles financially. My dad business not doing good but thankfully that my mom has saved some money when the business is good and also my sister has a proper job while me still okay doing things online and sell stuff.

The business is almost bankrupt. My mom gives the caution warning with my dad but he ignored it completely. My dad has the reputation of being THE BIG BROTHER and having a righteous mind. So he does everything even if that involves money.

I can say that most expenses cause because of the little brother and some other business decision being influence by the same person. He thought that his brother and sibling stand in one boat so, they won't let the boat sink.

It happened when you trusted the wrong person, having betrayed with their own blood seems like something he won't ever want to face. He denied and let the business sank into the bottom of the hole.

I think this moment, I believe that the GOD that he prays every day has given him an answer and asked him to sit down and think his mistakes.

"Not all family can be trusted, not all family think you as their own blood. We are human being, we are created by having selfish and manipulative behaviour. That's why some people prefer to seek sanctuary in religion yet other seek sanctuary to feed their toxic self"
There are lots of people who have a religion so they can play mahjong without feeling guilty. They can kill people because they feel it is the right thing to do, they feed on their righteous mind toxic self.

That's the reason where the atheist rise and agnosticism awake. Some people dislike having religion but if we can see how the country is being run by religion since olden times, and by the development of large enterprises these religion has less effect but with COVID-19 strike both of them has less effect without life yet some people longing more to have a proper job in this tough time some of them may realize that praying alone won't change the fact that the virus is REAL.

BACK AGAIN  to my aunty. So my dad asked for her help only to get a rejection from her, she gave out fake reasons to my dad but then my dad accept. Besides it is her money, to begin with, we only pledge for help.

She has no kids, nor husband or date. She all alone.

Yet, at this tough time right now when the family still struggles to make income, she stays with us. In our rooftop enjoying all the facility include electricity, water, fresh food that is cooked from my mom. All the grocery stuff.

Giving us who struggle financially even more burden. One fine day she asked my mom to go to the grocery store for 'hang out' yet she took a shampoo to go to the cashier and ask my mom to pay her bill. Most of the time, she either stays from the family house to other family houses for free, like a parasite.

Go to one host to another host. She is Christian and by all means, never have I seen her touch her bible. I think she in need to ask her GOD about her own behavior because it is not human-like at all. I assume she took Christian as her religion so she can do whatever she likes by using the religion and it is really nasty. I dislike these kinds of people.

Then she stays with me in one room. With all her fussy and bossy behavior, I can't even... rolling my eyes or shake my head not enough to describe my feelings.

No wonder my uncle's wife always gets so fussy when she around, and says something awful about her. Well, she is an awful person yet she cried when someone says she is an awful human being. The other hypocrite character that she has is she likes to play the victim. Telling her side of the story to her other sisters, make them feel pity about her life but they all forget, she is the one that chooses to have this kind of life.

She could have bought her own house and live alone while working. Not to live from house to house and then get mock around by the owner's wife because the wife dislikes her since she is the one who makes the household expenses increase. The house got 1 new baby to feed on and this baby is 60 years old aunty.

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