Trying to move my blog to WordPress but I don't want to go through all the fuss of setting up and there is no free theme suitable for my blog need so just stick around on this blog.

I tried social media withdrawal for 48 hours and it seems awesome till I cannot find any more movies to watch. Been using Netflix since the buffering for THE SITE take quite long with this lousy internet. Cannot hope much with the tech development in my country.

Well, as you can see I change theme here. I have 2 free themes for and seems like kepoh people really enthusiast to know my life so I just use this platform to write everything down.

Manage to make 2 podcasts today and applying for a job again. Singapore is going into phase 2, hopefully, it will bring a positive result.

I install all the apps that I deleted including job apps. I miss only 1 email and the rest just normal seems like I could just leave all the account be without updating or scrolling on my phone.

Been tip-toeing whether dark or light mode good for my eyes but my choice still fall for dark mode, yet I want to use my ARIEL mermaid wallpaper on WhatsApp :(.

I finally meet R for the last time, she seems so bitter with her life. She told me that her friend doesn't want to get her a job in UBS, because her friend worked there but plan to resign. I am just listening to her story and was thinking

"if your friend really good by giving you this opportunity without going any fuss, I think I am going to ask UBS professionalism in this matter"

Apparently, this type of stuff is common in Indonesia but IDK if this is common in Singapore yet I don't think I wanna go through in-depth search since it is similar to colluding with the insider, so she can surpass all the fuss and got 90% chances to be accepted by the company. It is quite unfair for those who are applying for the job from the 1st step.

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