Toxic women

Men think that only they get to meet toxic women when they go into their dating and relationship journey. while women and women don't.

TOXIC does not know the gender. If the person is toxic, it is going to be






This is my story. Have you know any woman in your entire life that when they asked you something like a secret or things like that and you don't want to share with them, and they start acting like mad because they cannot touch your secret.

BUT, when you shared to them and then you asked in return, they started to act like an annoying bitch

Well.. they don't share it with you.

I meet a lot of them. That makes me realise that why men are so scared with women sometimes. They started to call these women


because they can be crazy and a real bitch. It's scary even for me, as another woman being. Being among this woman is scary and yes, for toxic men also.

Rapist or those people who like to humiliate and take advantage of others.

What I am trying to say? women and men, there is no different. The only different they approach of becoming most annoying, and bitchy people that you want to just kill them by putting those cockroaches spray around them since you really don't want to get to near them.

And what I am trying to say is women are the creature that is so easy to feel jealous and that's also why they are so easy to be manipulated by men and then we all blame the men when actually the real problem is the woman.

If they have no jealous with other women then they won't be manipulated by these men.

Everything in life is simple. It just the way human mind think it won't be easy.

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