Recently after Corona hit our world, I just love to watch scary movies and feel like somehow it is relatable to our current situation. For example, 1 movie that I recently watched 'The Silent' where the monster comes out from a cave then starts feeding anything that makes a sound. So all the human need to be quiet and then they adapt with all the changes.

They build refugees and stay in that isolated island where not all of this monster could go. Anyway, I just figure that the monster is corona and we all cannot meet each other is similar to all the people in this movie must not make a sound.

I just feel that corona is also a deadly, silent killer. You don't know when they will attack you.

I am trapped in a snowstorm in german when I visit the country. Of course, it's scary. Why I told you? because somehow we forget the devastating moment that we been through and then we act like such a snobbish being when this is all gone.

I just feel that the world needs to changes, sorry! the people. Like BLACK LIVES MATTER, HONGKONG PROTEST, and all that happened in every country.

We need changes. Yet, some of us are not blessed with a good leader for our country.

On and on, I just wanted to say that if you are here to kepo this blog. You might as well try to appreciate your life.

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