Saturday: Golden Girl

Was it me? Or The Evil Within is just so fucked up. The plot and the game and everything.

I have been watching it for 3 days and I just cannot figure out what inside the creator mind. Every time the boss is dead, there is another boss popping.

Today the weather is nice. The sky is so bright and I feel so at ease. I can sleep well last night. Not cold sweat anymore. I have been thinking if I am wrong to say ‘sorry’ to him but after saying it. I feel so relieved knowing that I can finally let everything go and I just don’t feel that I am ready to start a getting to know someone new unless I feel so comfortable around the person.

I did want to ask a few acquaintances about their thoughts of having a kid or kids. At least I could have understood what is it feel like to have kids.

I do want to just have a white cottage in a nice place, buying my groceries and meeting friends. Guess I need to work to make it happened.

The golden girl js such a hilarious tv series. Gotta say that I kinda looking up myself joining like them. Perhaps when I am old enough. I will find people are easier to believe and laugh at my youth.

The time went I go crazy over someone and falling in love. The time when I cry and the time when everything is just happening.

Also corona.

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