Morning motivation

It's kinda hard for me to wake up and then arrange all my schedule. It does feel like I jumble up my schedule while I know I need to do a lot of stuff, and that stuff I only do not even half of them.

I try to find the mood of mine to start doing it one by one, but it just feels like when the weekend comes. I feel so lazy and just lay on my sofa. It's been 2 months since we stayed here yet I still have the urge to just finished my laundry and do all my work now.

Singapore is open already so does Indonesia and I wish that they will continue all the activity like normal and then I can get new projects/client. Continue with my own freelance job.

Anyway guys, I just saw a clip of Animal Crossing that is trending recently. I was here blur about it but I did want to try Beat Saber seems like the game is really cool. Yet, it is not easy to install, need that huge TV and I need to at least stay in 1 place so I can play the game not hoop here and there.

Well... this life has given me 10000 volts.

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