Writing about sex online?

Idk why but I feel so gross whenever people write on their blog about their sec experience even thou they remain anonymous. Like do you even have self respect for yourself, you telling the whole world about it.
I saw on Dayre today. A girl posted about 2 dick that she need to choose and she like the other dick and bla bla.... Probably I am conservative and she is a wild cat but.. really.. I also dislike if guy bragging to their friends about having sex. I mean... that’s what boy does but not a man age 27 above.

Lots of men did that. It’s like a goal or something but some like to share because he liked this girl so he share. But both are not my style, I rather chit chat with my girlfriend over coffee about this kind of stuff than texting or writing a blog about it.

Still share but not like in digital world, cos people could share to others so easily.

But... she perhaps just creating a story to make her look cool (stupid, for me). Well, you cannot fact check everything.

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