HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me 31:31

So, today I am having a birthday 31 for 31 years old. I am so happy this year because I receive tons of greeting for 'happy birthday'

Well... I am still that little kid who is so excited to receive greeting card that says

"Happy Birthday"

That’s about today. Hahaha...

I was in perk of watching horror game because it’s full of mystery and also write on reddit. I guess I feel quite fine with myself after this bday. I think being 30 and finally over it, what makes me feel so relieved because I finally feel that “guess I survived the battleship inside my head that telling me. Society is gonna judge me because I am single and have no kids” but guess when I saw my friends married and have kids - not all of them are happy.

Not all of them wanted it to be that fast. I feel at least I live this life in fully and I feel better thinking about it. It is something that I always thinking, am I living this life fully? What if I am not? But I am just relieved after all.

Happy about it. Also, try to fix my social circle now.

stamp time: 11:11

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