Family and Kepoh people

I do feel so relieved whenever I talked to my family. We often called each other and catching up since most of us live in a different part of the world.

I also finally got the chance to spend time with my bro and try to get to know him better.

the 2 months stuck in this place has brought us together. I think it is worth it. I feel so happy and relax these 2 months. Thinking that I am in my happy place. I could focus on what I need and want to do right now.

I finally bought all the groceries and sanitizer spray today. I just saw on media that the mall will open with all the sanitizing facilities installed

That's even great for the visitor to the mall.

Anyway, finally share on my insta story for all of those kepoh people that they will begin to read this blog. They can start to read it now and then.

I think I will keep them updated on insta story since they are really kepo. I am just wondering, which of my life that are interesting to them.

But... I figure out that they are really just being kepoh. So no point on wondering.

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