Dayre and digital Journal

Is it me or anyone also feel the same way? That blogger need to have their own app for people to update status but hell! I love my laptop too, and most of the time, I will just update here about everything.

I miss my mom and I have been spending a lot recently.

Also, I have tried out Dayre app but yet I don't know what to write.

Anyway, I have been keeping a journal on my iPhone and started to just updated it regularly to see my mood swing during this COVID-19 situation.

The apps have analytics for my mood swing, so I know if I am happy or sad because the graph could tell. I will think to fix myself and try to be a better person but I won't deny if something causes me to have a mood swing.

Nobody gets angry without others to try to disturb her activity or day.

I have been watching Trex, Spinosaurus, carcondonthosaurus and many other carnivore dino that got me thinking what if they are here with us. Alamak!

My mind is way too over when it comes to the imagination but it is so fun to just learn a lot about dinosaurs - sometimes I imagine if T-rex could battle with Alien, who would win?

Will T-rex or Spinosaurus want to eat Alien? They don't have any meat, hahaha...

It's been such a peaceful Saturday and I feel so happy. There is no notification on WhatsApp at all, no phone call -- nothing. I am so happy.

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