Been binge-watching all the scary movie involving aliens and monster chasing stuff. Love it! I like the journey. Somehow it is really thrilling.
Then 365 days too! Dk if I want to like this movie or not but both casts is strikingly beauty lah. It just that the plot and the way they act is so awkward.
I didn’t know what to say anymore. I also joining the dreary community and discussion. It seems fun. I no longer feel lonely because I read all of them post and try to just reply. It does feel a bit ‘crowd’ that way I will feel that some people have something in common with me too.

I found app to download all my favourite sticker. So loving it! Since I use iPhone so the WhatsApp sticker is not much to choose. Download here and also as the developer need to pay around $149 per month if they want to publish their own app. It is so expensive for some people especially the new developer who has no money and try to earn some.
You know people who earn $$ from working multiple jobs just to pay their tuition fees then they still working in the same place with a lousy job, co-worker and bosses. Who triggers their mental health every time they come to work.
They need money but the pay is too low. They created app but they don’t have the capital or high tech so they create a lousy app. In hope that they earn some to buy some tech and to create more awesome app till they feel that the hope is no longer there.
From the moment they study with hope to break the ‘poor’ and get a better life to the current moment. It’s quite devastating + with so many people doing the same.
It does feel that we cut each other throat just to survive in this empty world. The only entertainment that we have is movies, game, finding good people to talk to, love, travel then for some people is chasing a dream.
I meet so many people talk about what I want to become but I never shared it because something doesn’t fit right to me to boast about the dream. It is too high even for myself.
My dream keeps changing from time to time as I grow older. It does feel that the whole world around me is changing but actually, the one who changes is just me.
I evolve and adapt to the situation that I was in. Not burying my dreams but my need in life change so does my dream.
I no longer those Lil girls who dream to get a gas balloon. I am so happy when my grandfather bought me a balloon. I never know how much struggle that my family have so bought those gas balloon will take much of their income to buy a bowl of rice but my family also taught me that I can’t always have things that I want.
So, I guess the Lil kid that crying over toys.  The parents actually teaching them to realise that not every time going to the tot store, they have to go out with a shopping bag.
And then when their pet died. The parent probably wants to teach their kids. This is the feeling when you lose someone you love so dearly. So their kid will try to appreciate people around them more. They will try to understand others well too.
All of those feeling. If you never teach them about it. They will turn into another toxic people.
We already have plenty. We need them no more. Idk if I should continue making the title but just gonna update her from time to time.

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