I try to download a diary app called 'Reflectly' I saw on TikTok advertisement and thinking that this going to be good for my own mental health issue. I could see my progress in this app. Yet, the graph needs to pay for the subscription. So, I still don't know if I am going to really use this app and extract all the useful features that this app can get.

But, I feel there are a few changes happening when I try out this app. There are not many things I can do during this lockdown and not many things that I can work during this lockdown. I try to be productive by applying for work every now and then to different countries as well and I hope that I can get a reply from them too. I just hope that this situation is over soon.

Then I can also move on with this life now. I feel wanted to explore a few different countries these days and I feel that I've been thinking if Singapore is worth the effort that I spend for 2.5 years there. I just feel that all the time I spend applying there is not worth it at all. I was too scared back then to explore another country but I was really hoping that I am not that scared kitty and try another country yet probably that's the reason for my hindrances.

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