Singapore lockdown: DAY 1

Hi guys, hope you are ready for the lockdown. It's gonna be today. I have filled all the activities that I am gonna do and share with you the link for entertainment snd online shop that you can browse through on this link below:

I wake up around 10 am and start making the article. There are still job opening even only few so I am starting to apply as well. Anyways, even at home I am still gonna do my nails. Look at these pretty nails.

They are so cheap, cost me about $2.00 - I bought it online. The only problem is I am still not get used to it. From typing, washing my butt and also grabbing stuff. I need a master that can teach me how to live with this long nails. It does looks pretty, but I am gonna need to find solution if I wear to use my contact lens, since those contact lens wear tools - I can't barely use them.

I just spent 15 minutes to see TikTok, gonna encourage myself to try TikTok during the lockdown. I just get notifications that my camera will come today, I cannot wait to take photo. I got lots of makeup and skincare I need to review soon.

I purchased these on last Saturday, and cost me only $13.00 - gonna buy more shades before I posted about this on FELICCINE

Yep! It is from Milani Cosmetics - I just wanna try out different color and also since I do the cleaning of my lippie, so lots of my favorite color is gone to the trash bin, I need to find new lippies that matches the color. So I can grab and go.

I was thinking to do some tutorial once the camera here. TBH, I feel good during the lockdown, I can easily find something to do since I am used to work from home during my freelancing job for 2.5 years and I have been blogging since 2014 - it is been 6 years already. I get to make decent amount of money too.

Turned out it is my dress I purchased from VONDA on Shopee app, it cost me for $17.00/ pieces. I bought in black amd khaki. The size is too large for me. Actually I bought wrong size, it is 4XL. I should have bought L size instead. The clothes is mean to be for curvy people. I believe I am not skinny. Gaining weight during my time finding job in Singapore makes me even worse. I stressed out a lot since I got no money.

Now I can purchased my camera and laptop. Hopefully I could earn bucks from freelancing. I am happy and content. Hopefully I can find my next gig and full time job soon too.

Today has been fulfilling playing The Sims 4 Strangerville, makes me all curious about what happened in the town. I think gonna purchased city living pack soon too.

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