Hi guys, Welcome to my very first daily blog. I finally made up my mind to just use this platform to regularly update my daily routine and activities during the Singapore lockdown and I am sure all of you has been thinking of what you need to do and believe me. I have made all the list that you can go on WWW.FELICCINE.COM. You can just click the link provided and you will see all the article regarding what kind of activity you can do during the lockdown.

It was really sad news that Singapore decided to do the lockdown when I was just resigning from my position but I am so thankful since my former company decided to operate as usual during the lockdown. Seeing so many people are suffering from this virus and it reached 1000+ before the lockdown occured.

I feel so sad because I couldn't go out and take a picture. It is really sad news yet we have to stick together to fight this virus. The only things that we can do is be social responsible with other well being such as doing the social distancing, don't throw face mask anywhere and everywhere a.k.a littering and maintain our health by properly-remaining clean and put utmost effort for self-hygiene.
This is the first article. The next article will be during the lockdown which I will publish on Tuesday onwards, like a diary.

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I will try to make more content for you during the lockdown and also during my time looking for new job in Singapore. So you can expect more article daily on this blog too. I will soon start podcasting again, there are lots of things I want to share with you. Doing content creation always lights my heart for all the weight of normality.

Thanks for always supporting me. See you on my next article.

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