Day 9 Wednesday: it's a productive day

Today has been really productive. I finally feel bored playing The Sims 4 and thinking I need to manage my time doing some research, applying for a job and doing house chores. So far today all of the plans are achieved. Since I feel so guilty with myself.

My dad asked if I got any income from my self business, no one wanted to do advertising in a moment like this. I think he desperate so much for income. Calling him just to share gossip in the office.

Guess! all of us need to learn how to save money and bet after this those financial services people will get more customers, also for those insurance people. After a while I think about whether my decision is correct or not to resign from my previous job, I think absolutely right. I don't want to be a girl that accompanies a man to drink from my previous job nor do I want to become those kinds of cheapo girls.

Today doing research for income and then listing my products also. I feel that my sister is afraid that the company will do lay off. I try to tell her to try to think positively even thou I cannot even think positive right now.

I feel that this blog is getting boring yet I still want to type on this blog.

I am thinking to make my own personal website for my digital photography. Let see if it is even possible to make that.

I stopped texting with the new office girl, seems like she doesn't even want to converse with me so, either way, she still trapped there in the office. As snob, as she wants to make, I won't be apologies for the remark that I make.

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