Day 7 : Monday

This is Monday. Time for work... for all of you and time for applying for a job for me. I got an interview via Skype for today but I don't think I can do it today so I needed to ask for a change of date and time.

I play The Sims 4 and make new sims again till I know that I can just do my own Sims while making the rest of the family in autonomy mode.

I needed to quickly record video for the interview but today still feels lazy doing the recording. I still need to do research for the company and all the necessary stuff. Then I decided not to do it since I don't feel like want to work with the company.

There are other options such as Skype video to do the interview. Again, playing The Sims. I make new sims and this time I got a really good puppy yet I keep changing my home and ended up in the same house as my old sims.

I feel bored already after playing it quite sometimes. I think I need to find other stuff to do. Haven't post for a while on Instagram. I got a new hair colour.

I lose 4 kg during the Circuit Breaker time. I think I wanted to lose some weight and back like I used to. Well, another 15 kg to go then.

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