Day 5 - Saturday?

Hello again! so today I decided to publish 2 posts since I am not able to publish anything between 2 days since the good Friday date.

Firstly, I wanted to say:
Pardon for my lack of grammar on this blog, since I never intended this to have a professional-looking article like on

So, back again to the conversation of snobbish westerners. Not all of them, I met but only a few that are not a snob at all. It does feel like looking for a needle in the pile of the haystack. I am telling the reason why I feel they are snobbish when they come to Asia, is because they keep asking me about my education, am I ever live in Europe and also if I like travelling. WTF!

I wanted to say that if they looking for a woman of quality to talk to. Don't go to an online dating site, because it is will be full of rubbish people around. If they want to look a professional woman who has a brilliant career, therefore don't look at online dating.

Try to go to the business conference or seminar and get to know the woman they want, that will be able to help. Provided if the woman wants them but mostly gonna stick around with their circle. They won't have a hard time finding a husband. *Terms and conditions apply.

And then I went to Europe and the US. The people there are so nice and friendly, even thou most of the time in Europe,l I feel that the westerners are staring at us with curiosity. Perhaps is because it is rare to see a pack of the family having breakfast together. I notice that when I look around, such as when we having breakfast, it is only us (family) in the restaurant.

I like Europe and friend;y westerners. Of course, I only like people who are nice. Not snobbish or what.

I play The Sims4 again and manage to do my laundry but it is so hard for me to just do ironing now, hahaha. I got so caught up with The Sims 4.

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