Day 4 - Good friday

OMG! I forget to post and today is a good Friday. Celebration events such as Christmas and New year will never be the same if COVID-10 is still around and they (referring to health people) haven't find any cure for this virus.

The road around my area is so silent. No car, nothing.

Today I decided to purchase The Sims 4 Cats and dogs - I am having so much fun playing the game, till I forget to update.

I haven't been looking around for a camera bag but yet the one that I want always sold out. I don't think this type of item is having a high demand since the camera is quite expensive and people prefer to buy it straight away yet I need to buy another camera bag to be able to store my camera now.
Hopefully, the card reader is around if not. how to start taking product pictures.

Good Friday but nothing much. However, I am happy to gather around with my siblings. We enjoy the presence of one another and we are close. We have been living our separate way these few years, almost 10 years. To be able to enjoy this moment, I also need to be grateful.

I make an account on Bumble (online dating site) and talked to the UK guy. I just still have no clue why most of the westerner who comes to Asia, are so snobbish, like thinking they are practically better than any of us. He is from London, swiping right but never have any intention to chat, so I better off telling himself that his text is.
Short and sharp
He said sorry, but I reply:
Why would you be sorry for being yourself? 
Then tomorrow later, I try to text him, only to get no reply. Why would you swipe right if you don't want to talk?

No. He is not wanting to talk but to be persuaded by Asian women. Such a douche. Tsk.

This kind of ang moh guy like a lot in here. Snob to the core. If they have done a really good job at their company in the country. They won't be asking to move to Asia to work and they won't come to Asia to find a job.

The competition is tough there. People wo stick around in these developing countries is sure to have the abilities to survive.

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