Day 3: The Sims 4 - Triplet & Sorcery

Hello again! finally manage to stay entertain and today is 3 days.. woohoo...

Today my sim got triplet baby, 2 boys, and 1 girl. I use name suggestion from the game itself to name my baby because I never thought to make baby during the young adult but my sims will reach adulthood I 33 days(sims days) so I guess makes a baby with my vampy boyfriend will do.

Not getting married at all and we are just engaged. I am so excited because this is my 1st time getting a triplet.

I decided to apply for a writer job on those online career providers because I need money. This is for sure. I just cannot believe that those interviewers wanted to ask why applicants want to apply to their company:
1. to get a salary
2. to gain experience
3. Because your company is famous


Basically, I just see Xiaxue Story and decided to just apply for the job. In hope that I could get a freelance job or another suitable job that allows me to get a permit here. Anyway, my motive is money.

Well, the baby is now toddlers, and I spend most of my time just to take care of them so I use cheat.

Today, I finally got a reply from the job that I applied to. It does seem like all of these companies finding a way to recruit people still. There is still a job opening.

I spend all my day to just arrange my resume from my creative side and applied for writer jobs. I think I am doing so smoothly in this writing part. Hopefully, my next job is 180 degrees different from my last job.

That one tastes horrible.

Finally, my DSLR canon camera is here and I am practicing just to use it. So glad that I decided to purchase the camera since it does look totally different from the iPhone camera but the iPhone camera is way better than any other phone camera and it does serve digital camera quality but no matter what I am still wanting to buy that Nikon camera for sure.

When I got the money because using a phone is just gonna drain the battery and I still need to use it for other things even iPhone 11 pro max is really battery lifesaver. Yet, I feel that it's better to improve my tools.

Today is a really good day, except my thumb finger getting cut by Victorinox scissors. I was thinking to clean it only to realize that the blood comes off and then followed by sharp pain feelings.

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