Day 2: Singapore called circuit breaker not lock down

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Hello again! finally on day 2. I forget to published my post yesterday. I have set the date but only to realize that I set it for today at 12:00 am. OMG!

Finally, my sister purchases the Norton virus for us all laptop but it seems my Macbook doesn't want to cooperate. The fan on the lappy keeps ringing so noisy. Until I need to delete and reinstall, I also delete several apps as well. Restart the computer as well.

I think I wanted to create a 'Tech' category on FELICCINE, just because I always love to follow up all things tech and to make my website less boring. I haven't started to write a review and it does seem like The Sims keep me occupy at this time.

I wanted to reveal 'Strangeville' - I already figured out yesterday that the cause of it is the MotherPlant - its purple like a plant that glowing, also the Curio shop, I cannot find it ad then try to search online, only to find out it just nearby the bar that I often spend to get info. This game now becomes so interesting.

I also purchased 'The Realm of Magic' - I think I wanted to be a vampire while studying magic. It does feel like Harry Potter, Stranger things and Twilight become one on The Sims.

The creator is so fantastic creating The Sims and change everything on The Sims 4, yet doesn't really do justice for the graphics. It could have been more softer since it is been years. The last time I played this game is around 2007.

I just like the outfit, there is lots of outfit for my The Sims 4, and it is all following trend in real life, but it seems like it is automatically changed within the season. I wonder about it. Gonna check that out today too.

We ate KimLim seafood, if you are living around Bishan area, you may really want to try their food. They are good at cooking Chinese food. The fried rice is amazing. Finally, I download Grammarly to check my grammar errors. A lot of people giving feedback on my blog, one said that I could give better information that is far better than professional. I believe in myself I can, that's also why I still continue doing blogging even after these 6 years.

It is quite an amazing journey. I remember back then when I still in Indonesia, I needed to take multiple tests for my IELTS only to have a 1% mark less than what the school wants me. It is very hard for me t learn this language with the past tense, present, future tense, but now it just automatic and people don't really put emphasis on this when chit-chatting but doing report or something important.

It is almost 10 years I live in Singapore and all is an amazing journey. I dream of visiting Italy last night only to have my brother called out my name during my sleep. Hopefully, I can visit it after all of this Coronavirus.

Damn! I lost my job due to this virus but cannot say entirely this virus blame. My ex-employer didn't want to accept the fact that business going down due to this virus. All my client doesn't want to pay any shit and asked us to wait till a better time. Of course, they gonna stop all the spending since this virus is gotten more powerful within days.

Lots of people are scared they will not get any supply for daily needs and food. They need cash in advance since most people will need to buy stuff and most seller will sell it with cash. Who got time using cards these days? Nobody wants this too happened as well, yet he is far from understanding the COVID-19 situation affecting the whole world, not just Singapore. Well.. what can I say for someone who never even read the news but rely on foreign talent that doesn't even have any thought of international market or even study business as a foundation to be in the high management.

I decided to resign completely from this hell company and completely happy with my decision after talking with other ex-employees and current employees. I feel so relieved that I can finally feel that the weight in my shoulder is lifted up.

No employer will be called in the middle of the night at 11:00 pm and 6.25 am in the morning, and during my leave asking me for work. It never happened before and it is unprofessional. Every day I felt that my work is not finished at all. Like hell this!

Ok. Enough talking bout ex-employers.

I just found outa really good tv series. Well.. actually my bor is the one who found out about this from Facebook. That's what I am talking about the internet is such a powerful resource for everything.

the tv series ios from the UK. Dragon's Den, I watch on Youtube. The show is so unique. It is about powerful business people in the UK like Peter Jones. i don't know much about multi-billionaire in UK but as according to my brother. He is ultra super-rich. So I believe hm. I am not ignorance but I am just don't care at all about who rich or not since era like this there is so much business creation yet so many businesses go bankrupt immediately.

We are not living in an era where it is so hard to build the business but today the internet allows us to open business instantly. That's also why there are lots of products on the market and what makes you different. Therefore to make a business, an entrepreneur needs to have a business plan, strategy and everything in place before going around and start pitching to the dragons. Dragon on the tv series is the multi-billionaire.

The entrepreneur which is people who want them to invest in their business needs to do the pitching. the good stuff happened during the pitching. One can tell if these people are really ready to go forward to their business yet there are some that get rejected but still believing their own self and make it,without the dragon help.

It is really fun and entertaining TV series. One episode is about 15 minutes and you can watch it on Youtube by clicking this link:

Back t my The Sims 4. I finally finished the mystery of Strangeville and now going to The realm of magic. I think I wanted to purchase'The pets' series. Since I cannot have any pets in real life. It was so expensive to have one and now since I am jobless, I cannot even have one. The agony!

I think that's all for today.

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