Day 19 - AR Filter and Snapchat Lens

I feel so relieved today because I am so productive these few days and manage to apply for jobs then get responses as well. I manage to sell my SugarBear hair too. People love it and Shopee so kind to allow me to send insta story. Finally, the feature is for me!

I always like writing, and I got the chance to send my writing sample to Los Angeles. I kinda waiting for my own self to be a professional writer. People finally able to understand my writing style and the information that I really wanted to share.

I managed to make my own Snapchat filter but it seems like Snapchat already full of the creator. It called the Lens. AR is for the Instagram filter, talking about this makes me so happy because I finally get a response to so many of you that use the filter on Instagram. I thought it is too late to use the filter but the response is positive so far.

I kinda feel related to TikTok and I love posting on the app recently. I feel it is so easy to make content on TikTok because it is just straight away content with a different kinds of audiences. I gained a new audience on the apps. I am having fun to edit it as well.

They have a bunch of features that users can use to edit their videos, and I love it!

Recently I am interested to watch Keeping up with The Kardashian, especially the newest season after Kim and Kourtney fighting even thou it may be fake but at least it is entertaining.

I am so loving drinking coconut too. It feels like anti-oxidant to me. I am having coconut coma yesterday.

I just know that I can buy the building in The Sims 4 but I think I can only buy it 1 time, not the 2nd time.

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