Day 16 - extension of circuit breaker

ALAMAK!!! this coronavirus really pisses me off. Now SG gov extends the circuit breaker till June. If time like this, I better game up with my freelance business now.

Today starting early in the morning, editing youtube videos and making a blog too. Feeling creative all of sudden, but eyes feel so dry after crying yesterday watching the frozen.

I needed to think about how to earn income during this situation. I feel that my jade bracelet really gives me energy. I feel so creative when I wear it. It's like so many ideas popping in my head and I like it. I also make a cute newsletter template.

Needed to keep on updating my blog regularly now. I am still trying to apply for a job. Anyway, about The Sims 4, turned out the cityliving series can make our sims become critique, either you want it in arts or food, but your sims need to walk around to gain the experience. I am still trying to make money for my restaurant. I don't know till when I can earn a profit, the forum says it will be quite long until the restaurant is really well known. Probably when the restaurant gets 5 stars?

Well.. I will just try since I am jobless and now the circuit breaker extension makes everything 'nice"

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