Day 15 - 3rd week

We finally in 3rd week, I was so happy yesterday because I got the buyer to buy my SugarBear hair but then I ended up need to turning back from SingPost just because they close the office. I need to travel to Toa Poa Yoh to deliver the item which I don't think it is worth it given the current situation is like this.
I encounter 5 police officers, walking around in the area, probably patrolling around.

Today the weather feels so hot and I drink coffee which makes me sweat. Coffee does provide wakeup call yet it makes my body dehydrated. Open the aircon and fans altogether, not caring about the bills since my sis is the one that pays and I am still jobless with no project coming along.

The life of a freelancer.

I don't really feel want to update my blog but I really want to update my blog yet the body and mind talked differently.

Crying watching Frozen 2, I am always cry whenever the movie talked about sisterhood

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