Day 11 - TikTok

Finally, Instagram approved my AR filter, woohooo.. and I submitted it for Facebook as well. Now I need to study trends and some skills for videography. Never feel better. Since I got my own laptop, so it best to strat doing things that I wanted to do since longtime ago.

I manage to create 4-5 TikTok videos, and let's see how it will turned out. It is so easy to use the apps since they already provide features that we all can use to edit our videos, even that include beautify filter. China since when they are not moving forwards. Go out to day to go to Watson and Fairpice, since we need to stock up our daily needs. All the store is close, I feel sad just to see that the city become like silence city.

I always thinking if whether zombie apocalypse happened or alien like those in Alien the aliens can be worse looking movies really happened but never this sickness. Only those sickness like makes people turned into blood lust monster.

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