Day 10 - staying productive

Today I really need to apply for work and also write my blog - I did it!. Trying to stay productive in this situation got me going crazy already. I finally feel totally bored playing The Sims 4 and try to reduce myself in touching the game.
It is almost week 3 and I hope that Singapore gov do not extend the circuit breaker. I need to go interview and finding a job. I also need to make content and see what products, I need to do.

And.. baby I am back for creating more content. Today finishing my AR filter and it finally approved by
Instagram. Planning to make it happened on Facebook too. I also published a review on

Trying to enter the TikTok market, let's see my luck. The apps are so easy to use too! Finally, I got the ideas to make several new contents as well. I finally feeling relevant to the world, hahaha...

It's been almost 8 months since I last creating content, even that I try to push myself and taking all the jobs offered during the full-time job that makes me extraordinary exhausted but thankfully I finally get out from the hell
I was trying to consult with my dad, and asking him is it because I am such a blur or okay person that I get that kind of bad job - the explanation that coming out is not what I expected. My dad did explain how I feel during my first day of work up until the last day I work.

I just don't feel it is alright to scold employees like they are meaningless people, I would never do something awful like that. I just feel so disgusted by people who treat others so badly and awful like they are nothing. How come other humans being done that like they are so heartless and cruel?! ut when it times others did that to them, these people begging and placing themselves as a victim.

Oh anyway! getting 2 calls from 2 companies for job opportunity - I feel there is hope even during this circuit breaker time. Woohooo... and I also manage to get up early like 10-11 am, hahaha.

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